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Supernatural Hunter’s Party

Friday, February 19 at 8 PM – 11 PM


Dad’s Journal

Sam and Dean,

I need you to investigate a store in Hillview. The Nerdy Planet has been experiencing some paranormal activity, and I suspect that the same spirit I’ve been chasing is there. I’ve sent Bobby’s friend Jerry to help guide you through the night. Actually he trained Garth to take over some jobs Bobby did. I have some suspicions on who is actually behind all of these spirits, but I’ll see what you figure out first.

Be sure to question each staff member about the events taking place. Each of their clues will lead you to getting rid of this spirit. With Lucifer’s cage opened, we know it’s all hell breaking lose. Follow Jerry’s instructions though, this isn’t like anything you’ve experienced before.

Don’t forget to look like FBI Agents while investigating and then your normal selves while hunting (either or for the party). I’ll have someone there looking to make sure. If you do it right, they might even have a reward for you. (Best Supernatural Cosplay will receive a prize.)

Your knowledge of hunting will definitely be challenged for this case. A few Leviathans have already scouted ahead hoping to get you all confused for their trap. So expect their trivia to slip you up.

Castiel and Crowley have prepared a Gas station with all of your hunger needs. I know how you both love to eat, so there will be plenty. Plus we have your favorite, Root Beer Floats! (Concession prices will vary, Root Beer Floats are $1 each.)

When you complete this case, just remember to do one thing. Salt the body and burn the bones!

– Dad

Be sure to register at the provided link to attend. The event is free to attend, all we ask is for you to register. Limited Space

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