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Mando Armor Workshop Feb 20th

Saturday, February 20 at 5 PM – 8 PM


Alor’ad Dar Kyram reporting in this morning!

So do you want your set of own Mandalorian armor? Well here in Blue Moon territory, I’m pleased to announce a new monthly get together to help you achieve that!

My friends over at The Nerdy Planet have offered to host us for a monthly workshop! You’ll be able to come to the comic shop, meet members of the Blue Moon Clan and find out what we do to make our armor!

Bring your questions! Bring your friends! Bring your interest in a new hobby! We’ll discuss Star Wars, we’ll explain what the Mando Mercs is all about, and we’ll all just have a great time!

It will be the THIRD SATURDAY of every month from 5PM – 7PM

The Nerdy Planet
6470 North Preston Highway
Louisville, KY 40219

I’m excited to see you all there!

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