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Saucer Sex Live(s) by Goatboy Films

Saturday, Jan. 9th 6:00 pm – 2:00 am

GoatBoy Films is shooting the next Saucer Sex Movie, live, in one night, after the screening of the others, and you are invited to participate! Admission is only $10 and you get to see the films, meet the cast, watch us film, and even be a part of the next Saucer Sex Film yourself!
Film Line up is:
Saucer Sex From Beyond
Trouser Snake
Saucer Sex Peep Show
Flying Saucers over Fetishland
Bride of the Saucer Monster
This promises to be a highly unique theatrical experience; with Slacker Dada Film Artisan Jerry Williams at the Helm anything is possible! The venue has some concessions available and is BYOB for 21+. Previous cast who have confirmed to return for this Spectacular Indie Film Experience thus far include:
Roni Jonah (Temporally Yours, Trepan, The Legacy)
Casey Miracle (Mountain Mafia, Terror at Crimson Creek)
Billy W. Blackwell (Mountain Mafia, Santa Claus vs the Zombies)
Stacey Gillespie (Everything, really look it up)
Cherokee Hall (Mountain Mafia, Terror at Crimson Creek)
Ford Windstar (The Horror, Terror at Crimson Creek)
Jack B. Harrison (The Hydric Zone, The Horror)
Steve Guynn (Badfellas, Breakfast Impossible)
Billy Boyd (Breakfast Impossible, Steampunk, Paradise)
Jason Crowe (Harvest Lake, Cannibal Cop, The Legacy)
C.S. Lanham (Breakfast Impossible, Uncle Daddy)
You won’t want to miss this theatrical party event!!
Screening of a selection of the previous Saucer Sex films begins at 6pm and runs until approximately 10pm; at which point we will start filming the sequel. If we haven’t started already. We will shoot until we finish or 2am whichever comes first. Oddity FX will be on hand doing various “out of kit” make-up effects so make sure to wear something you can get bloody; only if you want too! However, we do ask that you do not wear large visible corporate logos if you want to get screentime. Be there!


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